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No offense... but I'm a for brathas ONLY kind of sistah... meanin, i don't sex, date or even hang out with anyone who isn't born with ur tan... hope i've made myself clear... so u guys can stop wastin my timeI am a multi racial, sultry BISEXUAL feminine SouthernBell who is NOT horrified of thriving and not just getting by, I`m inticinly engaging, mezmering, and witty... I work hard and play ...well u know the rest... I enjoy the SIMPLE things in life. Things like go-cartin... ridin on the back of ur motorcycle or in the passenger seat of ur sports car... steppin til dawn ... frolicing in the sun... or the moonlight.... doin leaf angels... and whippin ur azz in Spades... lol Gettin the highest scores in seein how many places we can make me cream.... I really like kissin.... one can never get too many kisses.... R U a good kisser? Hit me up and I'll return with a number or my messenger id.. think I'm bluffin?.... try me
I am seeking:
Women, Men
5' 2"
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Body Type:
Prefer Not To Say

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